Sahara passion

adventure in the deserts of Morocco

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Requirements for entry in Morocco

Do not need entry visas for EU citizens in Morocco, needed only a valid passport with a validity date of more than 6 months after your entry into the country. As a tourist, you can stay in the country for three months.


Security Level in Morocco is generally quite high.

Money / Foreign Currency

The currency is the Moroccan dirham (MAD), a dirham has 100 cents. The currency exchange is available at the official rate at the airport, at banks and many hotels and establishments. Major credit cards are accepted at the resorts, although its use is often a surcharge of about 5% of Moroccan enterprises in purchasing. Traveler's checks are rarely accepted in Morocco. In many establishments you can pay directly in euro.


No vaccinations required for travel to Morocco. Public health systems have no agreement with Morocco, so we recommend, before you travel, a health insurance abroad. Do not forget all personal medications you are going to need, glasses and contact lenses and bring in-flight hand luggage. To prevent stomach problems, take only mineral water bottles unopened. Need to carry a sunscreen with high SPF, hat, sunglasses and insect repellent, clothing and comfortable footwear.

The best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is a country where the Mediterranean climate offers the possibility to visit at any time of year: In spring (from March to May) when the country is lush and green, in autumn (September to November) when the heat of summer are decreased , in winter (December to February) which is grateful to enjoy mild temperatures, and given the diversity of the country even in the summer can also be quite placid Seaboard Coast. Apart from the weather, time of Ramadan (the month of fasting and purification Muslim) is another important consideration to take, as some restaurants and cafes are closed during the day and the opening hours of business are reduced.

Local time

Morocco follows the schedule of the meridian of Greenwich.


Most mobile operators have a network in Morocco, but you should consult before your travel. Internet: In Morocco there are many shops and Internet cafes, particularly in cities, provide a good connection at a price not too high.

What to bring on your trip on the desert

  • We recommend a backpack as a travelling companion if the trip is limited to the sahara;
  • Cotton Lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes (sports, shower slippers and sandals to rest your feet);
  • A sleeping bag is recommended for travel to the Sahara in autumn - winter (although it’s not obligatory because in the "haimas" you will find blankets);
  • Turban, Hat ...: essential for a route through the desert to protect your face from wind and sun, available in any small souk of villages near the desert;
  • Utility knife, flashlight, high protection sunscreen and sunglasses;
  • Bag and hygiene material (shower towel and toilet paper... because in some public places will not find it);
  • Travel Kit First Aid;
  • Depending on the season and according to the itinerary, will need warm clothes for night.

However, at the time of booking, we will inform you in detail what is necessary to take to the trip you choose.

And most importantly, bring positive attitude and open mind, to enjoy your trip!

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