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about us

We are a group of friends who got together one day during a trip in Morocco. We had the opportunity to meet our guide Daoud and his family in the Moroccan Sahara desert. We were mesmerized by the experience and repeated the adventure with them many times. It was there, step by step, walking between the dunes, discovering the "hamada" or stone desert, with its peoples’ enthusiasm and the marvels we found on our path, that we realized we were passionate about the Sahara –as our webpage shows-, passionate not only about the Zagora desert –not too touristy yet and where you can really get to know the way of life of the desert nomads-, but passionate about the people we met in the south of Morocco, the Berber hospitality: their straightforward and kind nature are well known by everyone and everywhere. That’s how we decided to launch this adventure together.

The project members are:

The Oukhouya family currently lives in Tagounite, but the heads of the family have lived in the desert for years and raised their six children there. A true berber nomad family, who know every dune, every desert path and every twilight star by heart. Their children have followed in their steps and who can be a better travel companion than them to discover the marvels of the Sahara or the Atlas mountains?

We, speaking your language, are at your disposal to inform you and help you organize a trip according to your needs, whether as a couple, with friends, alone or with your family, everything is possible. We work to ensure that your holiday in Morocco and particularly your stay in the Sahara desert become an unforgettable memory, so that you turn into one of us one day: passionate about the Sahara...

Why travel with us?

The Sahara Passion Project has been created with lots of joy, effort and without a profit motive by those of us who are working on informing and organizing your trip to the less well-known and touristic Morocco.

Morocco is a country where you will find diverse landscapes (mountains, beaches, desert ...) and custom large difference between regions. Only a guide in their own region is best placed to make you discover and enjoy those values that differentiate them. Tourism in Morocco is the livelihood of many people, To chooses the services of a local guide, contributes greatly to support sustainable tourism Here, at Sahara Passion our only objective is to achieve that the families of a small village in the south of Morocco, Tagounite, -families, who have mostly been nomads-, can live on the only means they know: the Sahara desert.

We aim to offer logistic and online services, to act as a link between you and the wonderful people of the south of Morocco.

We only work with local guides, who are nomads and have years of experience in desert travelling, but no access to the necessary infrastructure to popularize everything that the desert and its people can offer, to make your trip unique and different.

If you like new experiences and are looking for a low-cost holiday –simple but of quality-, if you enjoy meeting new cultures, with the opportunity to live and share with other people, this is: spending a special holiday, this is the right place.

We work to offer you the possibility of forgetting about stress and hurries for some days as "time goes by differently in the desert". You will discover a country, Morocco, and a region: the south of Morocco has a very unique and little known way of life, which is well worth exploring.

Walking in the silence of the dunes you will find the peace and tranquillity we all look for, not only to connect with yourself, but to other people and everything surrounding us.

But most important of all, if you discover the "desert magic" with us, at the same time that you enjoy an agreeable holiday, you will be making a contribution, improving the quality of life of the families in the south of Morocco and helping preserve the Zagora desert, so that the "erg-Chegaga" dunes will not be exploited by international tourism companies unrelated to the local inhabitants, as has happened in so many other places. With your help we will make sure that the Moroccan Sahara continues to be a paradise on earth and nomad land.

Thank you so much IN THEIR NAME for taking your time to read this!

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